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Modernize Your Cloud Architecture

Graviton Migration:
Quick. Simple. Seamless.

Graviton Helps You Reach Your Targets

Migration to Gravitron improves efficiency throughout your AWS cloud

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Optimize costs

AWS Graviton-based instances have a price performance of up to 40% less than comparable x86-based AmazonEC2 instances.

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Meet Your ESG Targets

AWS Graviton-based instances use up to 60% less energy than comparable EC2 instances.

Pelanor Makes Migration Possible

Broadly speaking, the majority of cloud costs will stem from EC2-based workloads. These workloads are also generally the hardest to migrate, with some applications being compatible with Graviton processors out of the box, some requiring only minor changes, and others needing complex months-long projects. The biggest challenge with migrating to Graviton is knowing which project falls into which category.

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How Do We Do It?

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Step 1: Cloud Analysis

Pelanor analyses your Kubernetes deployments and lists every image along with all associated dependencies

Step 2: Know Before You Go

Pelanor helps you to prioritize between quick updates that only require simple patches and more complex updates where additional tests and code updates are needed. In cases where more complex updates are needed, Pelanor also reduces the update time by listing the specific steps needed to update and migrate.

Step 3: Find Your Quick Wins

Pelanor’s analysis of your cloud stack allows us to provide you with savings estimates for each migration project (or something lighter), allowing you to focus efforts on the areas of greatest value to your enterprise accounting for any AWS discounts/reservations/charge types

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