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Know what your cloud spend means and make product and business moves with confidence

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You need answers.
Not numbers.

Plenty of tools can show you your cloud-spend. But raw numbers alone won't explain their impact on your actual business, or what to do next.

Your Cloud.

Pelanor automatically categorizes and correlates your-cloud usage to its real-world cost down to the specific

Business Unit





Make all the right moves.

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From Unsure
to Accountable

Empower your engineering teams to align their development decisions with business goals and build cloud infrastructure efficiently by design

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From Reactive
to Proactive

Use real-time monitoring to see potential financial risks before they happen, eliminating unexpected cloud-cost spikes and emergency root-cause analyses

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From Obscure
to In-Focus

Know which initiatives bring the highest ROl so you can maximize growth and profitability

Modernize Your Cloud Architecture

Graviton Migration:
Quick. Simple. Seamless.


How Pelanor Turns Raw Cloud Data Into Business Decisions

01 Data Synthesis

Instantly generate unique data points, such as how much data is sent to each domain on the web or which queries run on your database

02 Usage-based cost allocation

Automatic distribution of shared, multi-tenant, and untaggable resources by feature, product, service, or team

03 Business-Metric Integration

Gather and correlate business metrics to generate answers to your business challenges, such as unit cost, profit margin, and carbon footprint

04 Cloud cost map

Gain instant visibility for your entire cloud through rich graphical interpretation of your data via custom reporting and dashboards

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