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Provide cost accountability

Identify unallocated costs and connect them to the right project, team, department, or service. Spot underused resources in containers and nodes and scale back to save money.

Precise cost allocation

Find out what the spend is for NatGateway and other difficult to track resources. Pelanor uses routing maps, DNS logs, and pod-to-node assignments, to accurately assign the costs of cross-AZ, cross-region, and internet-bound network flows to their true sources.

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Drill down
Untangle Multi-Tenant spend

Get the precise cost for processes, containers, clusters, or databases. View cost for various usage metrics like CPU, RAM, and network utilization.

Present unused resources
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Graviton Migration
Drill Into Costs

Drill down big-data costs to individual tables, queries, and users whether you’re on Snowflake, BigQuery, RDS or Athena - Pelanor can split it

Untangle Spend

Stop pricing by service and start pricing by usage. Whether it’s a container, cluster or DB - we’ll unpack it for you

Plan & Forecast

We have the data to take your forecasts to the next level, drive budgets with precision and make value-driven decisions