Pelanor Graph

Dynamic cloud cost analysis with graphs.

Better decision making with easy to understand visuals

Create a visual narrative of your environment with an interactive graph that shows how your services connect and what the cost is.

Untangle Multi-Tenant Spend
Unravel networking costs
Total coverage for your environment

Make product and business moves with confidence

Create graphs with the precise information you need

Filter by communication to see what resources interact with one another and what the total cost of their interactions are.

Flexible Filters

Use query filters to represent specific cost details for namespaces, resources per region, vendors, and more.

Group by
Service name
Cost Category
Entity category IS analytics
All the objects that are used by
Create report
Drill down

Modernize Your Cloud Architecture

Graviton Migration
Drill Into Costs

Drill down big-data costs to individual tables, queries, and users whether you’re on Snowflake, BigQuery, RDS or Athena - Pelanor can split it

Untangle Spend

Stop pricing by service and start pricing by usage. Whether it’s a container, cluster or DB - we’ll unpack it for you

Plan & Forecast

We have the data to take your forecasts to the next level, drive budgets with precision and make value-driven decisions