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See what dependencies impact transitioning to Graviton and compare it to what the potential savings are.

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Cross-Provider Cost Recommendations

Make product and business moves with confidence

Contextualize your costs

Leverage autonomous insight and transform cloud cost analysis with dynamic graphs, uncovering intricate service interactions. Enhance project cost insights for streamlined decision-making in cloud management.

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Proactive cloud management

Streamline the cost management process by aligning billing data with operational realities. Capitalize on early detection, fast resolution and cost savings.

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From Unsure
to Accountable

Empower your engineering teams to align their development decisions with business goals and build cloud infrastructure efficiently by design

From Reactive
to Proactive

Use real-time monitoring to see potential financial risks before they happen, eliminating unexpected cloud-cost spikes and emergency root-cause analyses

From Obscure
to In-Focus

Know which initiatives bring the highest ROl so you can maximize growth and profitability

Drill Into Costs

Drill down big-data costs to individual tables, queries, and users whether you’re on Snowflake, BigQuery, RDS or Athena - Pelanor can split it

Untangle Spend

Stop pricing by service and start pricing by usage. Whether it’s a container, cluster or DB - we’ll unpack it for you

Plan & Forecast

We have the data to take your forecasts to the next level, drive budgets with precision and make value-driven decisions